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Michigan Health

My vision is for Michiganders to be healthy, productive individuals, living in communities that support health and wellness, with ready access to an affordable, patient-centered and [...]

Michigan Assisted Living Association

As a member of MALA, your interests are represented at all regulatory levels - from Lansing down to your local community. We are in daily contact [...]

Michigan Loan Closets

This website is designed to help you find free or low-cost home medical equipment in your community.  All of the organizations have been contacted to make [...]

ADA and the Information and Technical Assistance on the americans with Disabilities Act.

Healthy Blue Extras

Healthy Blue Xtras is a way to help members save every day on a variety of healthy lifestyle products and services. From local organic groceries to [...]

Sun Safety

How do I protect myself from UV rays? You don’t have to avoid the sun completely. And it would be unwise to stay inside if [...]

Tick Removal

Please take caution when removing ticks.