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The Action Pak

Community Home and Health Services, with the help of staff and clients, have put together an activities council called the Action Pak!  We are truly excited about this new adventure.  The purpose of the Action Pak is to give adults, of all abilities, their own voice in what activities they wish to participate in, in their community! Who doesn’t like to get together with friends and head out of town for the day?
One of the great aspect of the program is the fact that the clients will be raising money to fund whatever activities they choose.
Like with any club, this gives the opportunity for the Action Pak to come together for meetings, collaborate on ideas, and build bonds with everyone involved. So far, the council has made some really great fundraising suggestions, such as having a car wash, a craft show, and a bake sale. We will keep up to date information on our events calendar and can’t wait to see all the great functions this team will participate in.
If you have questions about contributing to the Action Pak, please contact Michelle Beesley or Sarah Bourque at 989-732-6374.