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Northern Management Services (NMS) originally opened on February 1, 1991. NMS operated as an independent organization dedicated to helping persons with disabilities reach their full potential and maintain their independence. Having experienced the move of people from an institutional setting into the community in the 80’s, NMS saw how people grew, developed, and became more independent. It highlighted the importance of being person-centered and the power of choice. Since then, additional services have been developed for anyone needing services to remain as independent as possible, and retain the highest quality of life.
In 2007 NMS expanded to include Community Home and Health Services (CHHS). CHHS contracts with agencies and private individuals to provide a high level of care so that an individual may remain as independent as possible and assist with achieving a high quality of life. As of October 1, 2014, all services are provided by CHHS.
CHHS provides a wide array of services to meet individual need:
Adult Foster Care Homes (I/DD and MI)*
Positive Behavior Support Plans*
Behavior Treatment Plans*
Service hours are 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Assistance with Goals and Objectives
Personal Care
Nutrition Management
Meal Preparation
Health Management
Medication Management
Social Interaction
Respite for Family
Errand Services
Medical Equipment Loan Closet
Services marked with a ‘*’ are for individuals who receive services from North Country CMH.

CHHS can provide a wide array of services to allow an individual’s needs to be met, regardless of their age or disability, through a person-centered approach. CHHS has relationships with other agencies in 9 counties throughout Northern Michigan. We ensure that individuals who are receiving those services are provided with cost effective support. CHHS offers these services 24 hours a day 7 days a week; with an on-call support system that assures your call will be handled in a timely manner. Services are offered throughout Northern Michigan.
Quality and satisfaction of service is our goal. Prior to receiving services, a thorough assessment is completed to assess the person’s needs at no cost. A plan of service is then developed with input from the individual, family and health care providers. Monitoring of these services is ongoing to be sure that the plan is working and adjustments are made as needed.
Staff are thoroughly trained before beginning work in any location and then receive additional training on site to provide the best understanding for the person’s needs. A high consideration is taken into consideration when it comes ensuring staff are an appropriate fit for the individual served. We will whenever possible include the individuals served in the hiring and assignment process of staff in compliance with Person Centered Planning.

Micayla Harland, MSW, LLMSW, QIDP
Clinical & Quality Administrator
Community, Home, & Health Services
(989)732-6374 (x213)